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Caron Ladkin

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Each bodywork session is holistic and professional, created for the individual client. If you are wanting the lightest of touch, experience a Cranio Sacral Therapy session. If you want to be stood stood on choose Traditional Thai Yoga Massage! There are multiple modalities to choose from. I work with all types of bodies and ages, ranging from newborns to last moments in life where the gentlest of touch is offered.

Want to feel better in your body and in life?

Study with me or experience Bodywork and Yoga.

Study with The Conscious Touch Academy

Are you a Graduate of Bodywork and wish to strengthen and refine your existing talents, I would be so happy to teach you. There are numerous courses of offer.

If you are not a Therapist and just love massage or touch and wish to learn to give famiy and friends massage, I would be so happy to teach you the skills you need to share positive conscious touch with them.

Classes are taught online or in person – post C19.

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Founded in 2000 Caron Ladkin, started CL Therapies. An offshoot of that is: The Conscious Touch Academy, founded in 2020.

Where Bodywork and Yoga Meet.

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The Conscious Touch Academy is a regerested training provider with the FHT.

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