Breathing into neglected bodies

Filling my days, performing hours of bodywork and teaching yoga, I quietly observe the state of bodies. Bodies which have been neglected. Neglected by a conscious breathing cycle. The lungs have not received conscious breath! The most common visual is that the body presents as tight and painful, often there are acute or chronic symptoms, the skin also telling its own tale, with marks, spots or discolouration dotted around.

In order to restore vitality to the body, with immediate effect, we have to breath consciously. The conscious breath frees us from pain and tightness, allowing for comfort and freedom in new found spaces. This is the tool. The breath. This powerful tool is simple, and natural.

The breath allows us to surive, but the conscious breath enabes the vital energy, prana to be breathed into our lungs. Filling up vital and essential reseviors of extra energy needed for optimum health and wellbeing.

The trick is, …. to think about breathing whilst doing it!

Just think about your breath, and all will change. Especially your lungs. Relax your tongue, seal your lips together, and breathe into and out of your nostrils.

In order to ignite this vital aspect of our survival, and build pranic energy reserves, we just need to slow down and begin the conscious breathing cycle. Once you perform this very simple technique, you will immediately sense a new found state of awareness to your breath and body as well.

Two main things we should be doing in our life for an increased awareness to wellness, is to receive a massage/or some sort of bodywork as well as picking up the practice of breathing/or Yoga.

Get in touch with me if you would like any more information on Yoga or Bodywork. I’d be happy to guide you into your wellness.


Wellness -a -wareness

Published by Caron Ladkin

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