An Intro to Meditation

Meditation is a unique opportunity to engage with oneself, a practice that requires discipline and time.  Looking inwards, focusing our attention on our own being. It is a gateway to come to our mind, allowing it to become peaceful and calm.

There are various techniques of meditation. For example: we can use the breath as a tool during our practice.  We focus on the breath, thus allowing the mind to be directed toward the breath, calming  both breath and mind, thus slowing thoughts, training both to soften, ultimately quietening them both down.  This allows the mind to calm, thoughts dissipate.  Another example is to focus on an object, or one could guide us into a visualisation using various areas of the body to quieten the mind.  Whilst practicing meditation, the body, should be in a comfortable position.  A clean suitable area, should be chosen and used.

Some of the best known benefits of meditation are:- enhances self awareness, boosts immunity, decreases anxiety, thereby promoting emotional wellbeing, increases mental capacity, improves sleep, induces a sense of bliss and peace allowing for a calm state of being.

One’s perspective changes, as we develop a meditation practice, it invokes a deeper sense of the inner self, allowing for the mind to be brought back to the body so we can experience the most peaceful state generating the highest state of wellbeing. CL~

Published by Caron Ladkin

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