Activation Breath Technique (Belly in Breath Technique)

When I work with clients who need more energy into their bodies, this is the  first technique I teach them.

When the lungs have not been introduced to, and activated into, a conscious breathe cycle, the signs I see are:- achey bodies, sometimes sickness, the belly or body is weak perhaps due to childbirth, sitting for long periods (desk bound), laziness, carrying excess weight, trauma, or no knowledge of how to activate the lungs to get them to start working towards their full potential.

When we activate the breath with a strong abdomen, we experience new stamina (pranic reserves are built up in the body).

You don’t’ need to practice Yoga to do this breath! This breath technique is for all!!

I believe this is a practice and exercise in itself.  It is the starting point when one wants to get healthier, fitter or enhance stamina.

Ok let’s do it!

  1. You can take any position, however sitting is always a good position to start to enquire from (try easy pose or crossed legs).
  2. Draw the belly inwards as best you can.
  3. With your right hand, palpate and find your navel.  Gently press onto the navel and rest your finger there.
  4. With your left hand, palpate and find your pubic bones (under your pubic hair), can you feel your soft tissue just superior/above the public bones, rest your fingers there.
  5. Now, all that space between both hands, that is the region of the lower abdomen, it needs to be pulled in, constantly.  Keep pulling in. Don’t let it out! 🙂
  6. Visualise the back (posterior aspect) of the navel pulling towards the front end (anterior aspect) of the spine.  This space needs to become smaller, keep pulling this region in. Contract the tissue as best you can! Keep it in! 🙂
  7. You might notice it is more difficult to breathe with the abdomen pulled in, in this way.  What you are experiencing is the weakness of the lungs. Wake the lungs up to conscious breath.
  8. In order to activate your lungs, keep this lower region of the abdomen in, keep breathing softly, smoothly and with great focus! We need to use all of our alveoli in our lungs to breathe well. Keep practicing! I hope it helps you!

NOTE: Initially it might seem impossible to keep your belly in, and breathe with ease. The good news is, with discipline it will feel easier and become more natural to do. Practice anytime of day or night. In all that you do!!

Caution: please avoid doing this practice if you are trying to conceive or are pregnant.

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