Ginger essential oil – Zingiber officinale – Zingiberaceae

This week I have been using Ginger essential oil in all my live feeds on Instagram @theconscioustouchacademy. Demonstrating how to massage the feet using Ginger essential oil!

So here are a few “Ginger important points” to note: found native to South-east Asia.  Grown in India, West Indies, West Africa and China.

The Rhizome of the plant is used for the essential oil and distillation is the method of extraction.

The aroma is warm, sweet, strong, spicy and woody. Ginger is a perennial plant, with reed like stems, yellow flowers with a thick spreading tuberous root system.

The Chemical Constituents are: Terpenes: zingiberene, pinene and limonene.

The therapeutic properties of Ginger are powerful, examples are: Analgesic, Digestive, Sudorific, Antirheumatic, Expectorant, Stimulant, Aphrodisiac, Laxative, Tonic, Carminative and Rubefacient.

Good for: Insomnia, increases appetite, aids digestion, relieves muscular aches and pains. Increases circulation, very good for sciatica or any type of neuralgia. Very good for boosting sexual drive. Excellent oil for post natal treatment.

On a subtle level: Excellent for people who need an emotional lift, ‘cold’ people to help ‘warm’ them, useful for people who have low self esteem or morale. Ginger is a tonic to the kidneys.

Can be a possible skin irritant. Avoid in pregnancy and High blood pressure.

Blends well with: Lavender, Geranium, Cedarwood, Black pepper, Cajeput, Clove.

Enjoy on its own too! Remember using less is more! If you feel a sensitivity when using the oil, please was immediately with cold water! Enjoy. CL~


Using Essential Oils safely

Massage: Blending Essential oils with Carrier Oils – 12 drops of essential oil blended with 30mls of carrier oil

Burner- 3 drops of essential oil and add water

Diffuser- 3 drops of essential oils

Bath-run water first then drop 5 drops of essential oil into water

Compress hot or cold – 5 drops of essential oil in compress

Hand soak or Footbath- 5 drops of essential oil

Steam Inhalation 5 drops of essential oil then add hot water and cover head with towel. Keep eyes closed

Blends of Oils/lotions/candles/Soaps/Salts-depends of recipe and use


  • Be aware of any contra indications before using essential oils.
  • Avoid using essential oils if you are trying to conceive or under 20 weeks pregnant. Please avoid Ginger essential oil when pregnant.
  • If in doubt, please get in touch with a qualified aromatherapist.
  • If you have any sensitivities or reactions when using essential oils, rinse effected area with cold water and seek medical help if need be.
  • Avoid using essential oils orally or internally.
  • Essential Oils are flammable.
  • Keep out of reach of children.

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