Meditation for Inner Centering

Meditation for Inner Centering— An evening ritual pre bed time.

Begin this meditation in the evening, just before sleep time.

I have written this meditation practice,  with the intention to calm the body especially the mind before sleep and we enter into our dream state of consciousness.

Meditation helps the brain recover, as it is tonified, releasing the day’s thoughts and the body’s anxieties.

As we allow the different koshas/layers of the body to let go, we move deeper into a relaxed state of consciousness.

We arrive and enter into a calmer state of being.

Tap into the body’s pure potential. Our authenticity.

As we become disciplined in practice, we build our concentration-of our mind- using specific tools. This is discipline, and the practice thereof. It becomes easier and quicker to come into a meditative state with practice. So keep it up!

~This evening’s meditation is to build the connection of our Inner Centre.

Do nothing else, but to create a sacred space around yourself.

Bringing yourself towards yourself. Reining yourself in.

Perhaps creating a circular space for yourself, and make it as comfortable as you can.

Have a clear intention for your practice.

Tonight we meditate on our Inner Centering.

  1. Find a space to sit and practice your meditation.
  2. Anatomical alignment – equal weight distributed through the body, how we sit is      important so become comfortable.
  3. Midline of the body is the centre of the body, the anterior aspect of the spine from crown of the cranium, to base of the spine.
  4. Sushumna main nadi or energy line, inside the vertebral column, where the chakras cross as well as the gruntis are found.
  5. Allow this line, to be a fulcrum from which we centre ourselves this evening.

Mindful awareness to aid concentration, bow, offering, honour the space, become spacious in your mind, contain yourself, in order to become focused, centered and disciplined in thought.

Open to the peaceful, calm energy, to the sacred space within, to build the unconscious and conscious thoughts as well as intuition and then, release them.

Ground your energy to the ground, align and tune into the astral plane.

Inner transformation brings inner peace, clarity and calm.

Allow this fulcrum  of the inner centre of the body, to be a point for the mind and body to come together and release.

Keep releasing anything that presents.

Keep allowing the mind to find space and thereby  slowing thoughts down.

Soulful awareness.

Inner liberation. The body is now ready for sleep.

Become more aware of your inner centre from this space, slowly move to your bed for a good night’s sleep.~CL


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