14 days in, #BeKind to yourself new moon ritual

Hello, how is your new moon self kindness ritual going? I trust you are in great health and happiness.

Over these last 14 days, I have been documenting what I have be practicing, #BeKind to to myself! It is an interesting practice to journal self kindness rituals for Mind, Body and Soul and direct it solely towards yourself. Mindfully being aware of subtle and gross practices and the differences as well as similarities and the benefits thereof. The more we focus on something with a pure intention, the more the knowledge comes and we develop a higher level of understanding and consciousness towards a specific practice.

Each morning, we write one word which starts with “re” on our New Moon Ritual Board. It is a board, in the kitchen we drew up which helps us with our practice. It keeps us motivated, inspired, excited and focused on the ritual. On the board we have also written up three spaces for Mind, Body and Soul and have been writing up what practices we are embracing in the various sections!

What section do you think we are focusing more on!? I’d love to hear what is coming up for you too!

I’d invite you to keep on going until the next new moon which is on the 21st June 2020 or if you haven’t started, I’d invite you to start from this now, waning phases of the moon, til the next new moon as it wanes towards the solstice.

This coming new moon is an auspicious one as it falls on the solstice, the 21st June 2020!

Good luck with the next 14 days and enjoy experiencing and practicing being kind to yourself!

With love, Caron

Published by Caron Ladkin

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