14 days in, #BeKind to yourself new moon ritual

Hello, how is your new moon self kindness ritual going? I trust you are in great health and happiness. Over these last 14 days, I have been documenting what I have be practicing, #BeKind to to myself! It is an interesting practice to journal self kindness rituals for Mind, Body and Soul and direct itContinue reading “14 days in, #BeKind to yourself new moon ritual”

Alluring and Astonishing Lavender

Lavender plant and essential oil Firstly, I’d say if you need just one essential oil at home,  it should be Lavender. Lavender is associated with beautiful purple aromatic flowers, growing in almost every  garden lover’s garden. Often when people smell Lavender they say it reminds them of their Grand Mother! However, there is so muchContinue reading “Alluring and Astonishing Lavender”

The Heart Breath Meditation Video

Please watch this video if you wish to learn some breathing techniques to help your heart release stress, trauma, grief, dissapointment and any type of heart ache or pain. The Anahata Chakra or Heart Space needs to be protected, beating and vibrating to its full potential of heart energy, love. I hope that it helpsContinue reading “The Heart Breath Meditation Video”