An Intro to using Essential Oils safely- during pregnancy

Using Essential Oils when you are pregnant, have many beneficial effects. The oils can help to relieve some of the symptoms that women experience whilst they are pregnant. They can help relieve aches and pains, boost immunity and on a subtle level, the vibrations of the oils help to work as an adaptogen. It is important to be aware of how to use them safely, for the wellbeing of yourself and your baby for the duration of your pregnancy.

Ways to use essential oils:-

  1. Massage: Blending Essential oils with Carrier Oils – 6 drops of essential oil blended with 30mls of carrier oil
  2. Burner- 3 drops of essential oil and add water
  3. Diffuser- 3 drops of essential oils
  4. Bath-run water first then drop 3 drops of essential oil into water
  5. Compress hot or cold – 2 drops of essential oil in compress
  6. Hand soak or Footbath- 2 drops of essential oil
  7. Steam Inhalation 5 drops of essential oil then add hot water and cover head with towel. Keep eyes closed
  8. Blends of Oils/lotions/candles/Soaps/Salts-depends of recipe and use


  • Be aware of any contra indications before using essential oils.
  • Avoid using essential oils if you are trying to conceive or under 20 weeks pregnant.
  • If in doubt, please get in touch with a qualified aromatherapist.
  • If you have any sensitivities or reactions when using essential oils, rinse effected area with cold water and seek medical help if need be.
  • Avoid using essential oils orally or internally.
  • Essential Oils are flammable.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
Avoid oils
Common name
1Angelica root
3Cedarwood Atlas
4Cedarwood Texas
5Cedarwood Virginia
6Cinnamon leaf
8Clary Sage
11German Chamomile
13Ho leaf
14Ho wood
21Moroccan Chamomile
24Roman Chamomile
25Rose Absolute
26Rose Otto
28Spanish Sage
29Spike Lavender
30Sweet Fennel
31Sweet Marjoram

Activation Breath Technique (Belly in Breath Technique)

When I work with clients who need more energy into their bodies, this is the  first technique I teach them.

When the lungs have not been introduced to, and activated into, a conscious breathe cycle, the signs I see are:- achey bodies, sometimes sickness, the belly or body is weak perhaps due to childbirth, sitting for long periods (desk bound), laziness, carrying excess weight, trauma, or no knowledge of how to activate the lungs to get them to start working towards their full potential.

When we activate the breath with a strong abdomen, we experience new stamina (pranic reserves are built up in the body).

You don’t’ need to practice Yoga to do this breath! This breath technique is for all!!

I believe this is a practice and exercise in itself.  It is the starting point when one wants to get healthier, fitter or enhance stamina.

Ok let’s do it!

  1. You can take any position, however sitting is always a good position to start to enquire from (try easy pose or crossed legs).
  2. Draw the belly inwards as best you can.
  3. With your right hand, palpate and find your navel.  Gently press onto the navel and rest your finger there.
  4. With your left hand, palpate and find your pubic bones (under your pubic hair), can you feel your soft tissue just superior/above the public bones, rest your fingers there.
  5. Now, all that space between both hands, that is the region of the lower abdomen, it needs to be pulled in, constantly.  Keep pulling in. Don’t let it out! 🙂
  6. Visualise the back (posterior aspect) of the navel pulling towards the front end (anterior aspect) of the spine.  This space needs to become smaller, keep pulling this region in. Contract the tissue as best you can! Keep it in! 🙂
  7. You might notice it is more difficult to breathe with the abdomen pulled in, in this way.  What you are experiencing is the weakness of the lungs. Wake the lungs up to conscious breath.
  8. In order to activate your lungs, keep this lower region of the abdomen in, keep breathing softly, smoothly and with great focus! We need to use all of our alveoli in our lungs to breathe well. Keep practicing! I hope it helps you!

NOTE: Initially it might seem impossible to keep your belly in, and breathe with ease. The good news is, with discipline it will feel easier and become more natural to do. Practice anytime of day or night. In all that you do!!

Caution: please avoid doing this practice if you are trying to conceive or are pregnant.

An Intro to Meditation

Meditation is a unique opportunity to engage with oneself, a practice that requires discipline and time.  Looking inwards, focusing our attention on our own being. It is a gateway to come to our mind, allowing it to become peaceful and calm.

There are various techniques of meditation. For example: we can use the breath as a tool during our practice.  We focus on the breath, thus allowing the mind to be directed toward the breath, calming  both breath and mind, thus slowing thoughts, training both to soften, ultimately quietening them both down.  This allows the mind to calm, thoughts dissipate.  Another example is to focus on an object, or one could guide us into a visualisation using various areas of the body to quieten the mind.  Whilst practicing meditation, the body, should be in a comfortable position.  A clean suitable area, should be chosen and used.

Some of the best known benefits of meditation are:- enhances self awareness, boosts immunity, decreases anxiety, thereby promoting emotional wellbeing, increases mental capacity, improves sleep, induces a sense of bliss and peace allowing for a calm state of being.

One’s perspective changes, as we develop a meditation practice, it invokes a deeper sense of the inner self, allowing for the mind to be brought back to the body so we can experience the most peaceful state generating the highest state of wellbeing. CL~

Hand Love Ritual

What you’ll need:

1. Towel

2. Ceramic bowl for soaking your hands

3. Hot water and or cold water

4. Essential oils of your choice

5. Himalayan pink crystal salt

6. Carrier oil/s of your choice

7. Cream (for post soaking)

8. Nail clippers etc.

9. Tray

10. Wear a short sleeve top.

Our organs of action and extensions of the heart. The HANDS!

As a massage therapist and Yoga practitioner, it is imperative that I keep my hands in tip top shape. My hands need to be strong and in the best possible state, everyday!

I’m recovering from an injury that took me out of work-catching my dominant hand in a client’s gate! Very ouch! Fast forward 3 weeks, at this time of self isolation, it’s the perfect time to share a self love ritual I practice to help the healing along, giving my hands the TLC they need.

How are your hands today? How do they feel and look? When last did you give some TLC to your hands? I’m sure you will love this ritual. Adapt as necessary for yourself.

The Hand Love Ritual

Place all items to hand. Make sure you have exposed the hands and arms…

Boil the water, and have a separate bottle of cold water to hand, so you can regulate the water temperate.

Ok get ready!

Add a total of 9 (or less) drops of desired essential oil/s (today I’m using Lavender for healing and cleansing, Ginger for circulation, grounding and warmth, Rose Geranium for a homeostatic lift) into the bowel along with salt (use as much as you wish) and then add desired amount of oil (today I’m blending Cannabis oil (CBD) with Shea Butter (unrefined)). Then pour the hot water into the bowl, adding cold water afterwards as desired temperature is reached. Enjoy the aroma and therapeutic effects of the oils when pouring the hot water into the bowl, breathing into your nostrils. Soak hands until desired effect (or up to when your hands get wrinkly). Intuitively massage your hands during the soak. When finished soaking, rub your hands up and down the forearms and around the elbows, rubbing any excess oils into the exposed area of the arm. Dry your hands if necessary and pamper them by giving your hands a good manicure. After that, rub desired cream into your hands (if necessary) (today I’m using Arnica cream from Helios Pharmacy to aid healing). Now rest your hands and give thanks for them! Enjoy the feeling of all the TLC given to your hands!


Ceramic bowel with oils, ready and waiting for salt, water and then the hands

Heart Breath

Finding your heart breath……….

Whatever form your body takes, relax into your breath, breathing through your nose, (seal your lips and relax your tongue), feel how the breath infuses itself straight from the lungs into the heart, allow the heart to relax deeper on an exhale -repeat as long as time allows.

Keep your mind’s eye focused on your heart breath cycle.

Notice and experience the effects of this breath on your body…..keep breathing smoothly, softly, slowly with focus and dedication- straight into your heart.


Breathing into neglected bodies

Filling my days, performing hours of bodywork and teaching yoga, I quietly observe the state of bodies. Bodies which have been neglected. Neglected by a conscious breathing cycle. The lungs have not received conscious breath! The most common visual is that the body presents as tight and painful, often there are acute or chronic symptoms, the skin also telling its own tale, with marks, spots or discolouration dotted around.

In order to restore vitality to the body, with immediate effect, we have to breath consciously. The conscious breath frees us from pain and tightness, allowing for comfort and freedom in new found spaces. This is the tool. The breath. This powerful tool is simple, and natural.

The breath allows us to surive, but the conscious breath enabes the vital energy, prana to be breathed into our lungs. Filling up vital and essential reseviors of extra energy needed for optimum health and wellbeing.

The trick is, …. to think about breathing whilst doing it!

Just think about your breath, and all will change. Especially your lungs. Relax your tongue, seal your lips together, and breathe into and out of your nostrils.

In order to ignite this vital aspect of our survival, and build pranic energy reserves, we just need to slow down and begin the conscious breathing cycle. Once you perform this very simple technique, you will immediately sense a new found state of awareness to your breath and body as well.

Two main things we should be doing in our life for an increased awareness to wellness, is to receive a massage/or some sort of bodywork as well as picking up the practice of breathing/or Yoga.

Get in touch with me if you would like any more information on Yoga or Bodywork. I’d be happy to guide you into your wellness.


Wellness -a -wareness