Ginger essential oil – Zingiber officinale – Zingiberaceae

This week I have been using Ginger essential oil in all my live feeds on Instagram @theconscioustouchacademy. Demonstrating how to massage the feet using Ginger essential oil! So here are a few “Ginger important points” to note: found native to South-east Asia.  Grown in India, West Indies, West Africa and China. The Rhizome of theContinue reading “Ginger essential oil – Zingiber officinale – Zingiberaceae”

An Intro to using Essential Oils safely- during pregnancy

Using Essential Oils when you are pregnant, have many beneficial effects. The oils can help to relieve some of the symptoms that women experience whilst they are pregnant. They can help relieve aches and pains, boost immunity and on a subtle level, the vibrations of the oils help to work as an adaptogen. It isContinue reading “An Intro to using Essential Oils safely- during pregnancy”