Massage allows the body an opportunity to reset and refresh and heal itself.


Aromatherapy Massage, Sports Massage, Swedish  Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Remedial Massage, Pregnancy Massage, Traditional Thai Yoga Massage, Infant Massage, Massage for the Young, Massage for the Elderly, Yoga Fusion.


Aromatherapy uses the wisdom of plant medicine combined with massage to stimulate healing. Volatile oils, known as pure essential oils, taken from flowers, plants, bark, leaves and roots have known therapeutic effects. These essentials oils are carefully blended with specific carrier oils for optimum skin absorption during application. Each blend is made up specifically for individuals. Essentials oils work on the physical and emotional bodies. They have amazing healing properties for most ailments and conditions. Personalised blends of creams and a variety of aromatherapy based products are also made specifically for individual use. After an aromatherapy massage clients are left with a heightened sense of wellbeing. Massage combined with aromatherapy restores balance to both body and mind.


Most sports people need to pay special attention to muscles and joints. Sports massage is a form of bodywork used to help prevent injuries, prepare the body for athletic activity and maintain the body in optimal condition. It also helps athletes recover from workouts and injuries. Depending on the clients requirements different massage techniques or movements are used. Range of Movement Tests and orthopaedic tests are performed prior to treatment. This assists in determining an effective treatment plan.


Swedish massage is a very popular massage form. It uses different strokes to penetrate the muscles for maximum effect. It can be deeply relaxing or energising and invigorating depending on individual request. Techniques include ‘effleurage’ which is soothing and calming; ‘petrissage’ which twists and contorts muscle fibres to release tension and tightness helping muscle performance. ‘Percussive’ strokes stimulate nerve fibres and bring new blood to the area improving circulation and eliminating waste. ‘Frictions’ involves applying pressure to affected areas to release adhesions between connective tissue. All these techniques are applied to achieve an optimum state in the body and reduce pain. Altogether Swedish massage is a very enjoyable, relaxing and deeply healing experience.


Deep tissue massage targets the deeper muscles, fascia and connective tissue. This deeper form of massage releases chronic patterns of tension held in the body. Various techniques are used during which time clients are invited to give continuous feedback on pressure ensuring the right level of comfort is achieved.


Remedial Massage is used for specific therapeutic effects. Typically, it is used to help with injuries – strains, sprains, broken bones, bruising or muscular-skeletal disorders. It works by manipulating the soft tissues of the body and employs hands-on techniques, lubricants and movements. These are all adapted according to targeted healing goals and in accordance with the client’s response. A healing process starts at the cellular level helping soft tissues repair and restore the body to optimum function. It increase blood flow and lymph movement and is designed to remove blockages, damaged cells, scar tissue and help repair the body after injury. It helps shorten recovery time and encourages more complete healing. Work related or lifestyle problems like repetitive strain injury or back pain are also treated with remedial massage. Results can be felt immediately after one session but often clients are often advised to have a series of appointments.


After the first trimester, expectant mums will find great relief from a holistic massage. Growing tummies put a lot of pressure on the body and massage helps alleviate the resultant physiological changes. To accommodate the tummy, the massage is given in a side lying position. As a safety precaution neutral oils are used. Besides the physical benefits, mum’s-to-be have the opportunity to balance and adjust to the many emotional changes that go with pregnancy. 


This is an ancient technique that goes back thousands of years. It is performed on a Thai massage mat with the client remaining fully clothed. Part of the philosophy involves releasing blockages along the energy lines (also known as Sen lines) of the body. The body is gently moved into various stretching poses and pressure is applied on strategic points along the energy lines. 


Babies respond incredibly well to massage. It calms them, helps them sleep, sets up bonding patterns between parent and baby, relieves colic and has multiple benefits. This session works with the mother or father of the baby. Demonstrations are made on a doll while the parent works with his or her child. Parents are taught techniques they can use at home. 


This massage is adapted to meet the growing body of a young child. The pressure is lighter than massage used on adults and adjusted to keep the child relaxed. Generally a shorter session is needed. A growing child has lots of changes and adjustments that can create trauma or tension in the body. Massage can alleviate tension and help the body to adjust. 


Special techniques are used to meet the needs of the mature body. As the skin and muscles atrophy, joints start losing their mobility. Massage helps keep the tissues loose and increase range of movement. Gentle care is taken to suit different body capabilities and tolerance. Generally a lighter massage is performed over a shorter time period. 


This involves a one-to-one yoga session that works with injuries or stiff joints. Clients are moved into gentle or restorative yoga postures and various types of massage techniques are applied. Working with the restraints of the body, clients are encouraged to go into their pain free, full range of movement releasing tight muscles and increasing fluids into the body. If necessary, props eg: bolsters, yoga blocks and straps are used to facilitate movements.

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Stimulating the eliminatary system of the body, massage encourages the movement of all fluids in the tissue, detoxing and decreasing the amounts of stress, stagnation and stuck fluids. It encourages oxygenated blood flow all around the body, moving with it new oxygen, essential to a healthy body.

Each massage is a holistic application. All aspects of the client are taken into account, lifestyle, physical strength, age, environmental, occupation, stress, etc.. Each session is suited for the client.

Delight in the magic of the body and its ability to be healed”.

Caron Ladkin