“Caron is a truly ‘holistic’ therapist with a broad range of knowledge and professional experience that allow her to ‘see’, diagnose and treat with skill, clarity and confidence. These skills, developed over many years of study and practical application, are further augmented by Caron’s yoga knowledge and practice, taken to teacher level through her intensive and demanding training with the Yoga Academy. Caron is a preferred therapist at my centre and a popular yoga teacher in London.”

Simon Low, Internationally Renowned Yoga Teacher

“Caron Ladkin hits the spot every time. First she spends time listening deeply and intelligently to what you have to say, then she gets to work. At times it feels as though Caron is actually working under your skin, targeting those problem areas from the inside – sometimes gently finessing, other times pummelling with breathtaking strength, whichever is required. Finally, she’ll top off the service by sending you away with a range of wise and helpful self care tips”.

Rudi de Belgeonne, Artist and creator of Who’s the Man

“It was exactly what I needed. Thanks so much for the great massage”.


“Caron’s knowledge of anatomy and her yoga training means that I feel at ease in her hands. Don’t be fooled by her size, she really can do deep, I leave feeling as if my cares and woes have melted away. I recommend her to anyone.”

Nahid de Belgeonne, Director Good Vibes

“Caron’s treatments have been superb over the years – I could not have lived without them. I have never known anyone with such anatomical knowledge.” 

Tom Merrifield – Internationally renowned Artist.

“Thanks for our last session – it was very effective and encouraged me to take a couple of rest days to assimilate all the benefits. I really appreciate your work and the very high professional standards you apply to all you do.”


“I left your place on Friday feeling physically better than I have done in a long time! I’ve been practising the asanas and while I cannot move very far as yet particularly in my hips, I can really feel the muscles in my back and legs benefitting from the poses. I have also been more or less pain free and able to walk without leaning heavily on my stick, which is fantastic.”


“Thanks for all the treatments and practice I/Haruna had during my pregnancy, Haruna is truly a healthy baby. I used your labour-oil when I took a bath in the evening and I felt the baby went down in my tummy. The contraction started the following morning! The hand mudra you taught us in your class helped me a lot to breathe deeply during labour. I honestly could not have had this beautiful natural birth without your supports. Thank you so much, Caron. I miss you and your yoga class and look forward to practising with you again from Jan 2014. “


Massage Training

“Caron was my instructor for the basic massage diploma. As a Biomechanist I feel I am in a position to judge someone’s technique. I have had sports massages from numerous practitioners around London all of which had lacked one key element – a precise initial assessment. From previous experience, muscular pain and tension has always been referred from a distant source. This is why I now stick with Caron for therapy. Her attention to detail in combination with her experience and complete knowledge of human anatomy is reassurance that she will find and relieve the problem. I know that Caron offers most disciplines of massage. I can only speak of her ability in deep tissue release. Above all, her hospitability and professional disposition makes the therapy a worthwhile experience.” “

Darren James Biomechanist

“Thank you so much for everything you have taught me, and your advice and encouragement along the way. Your passion has inspired me, and though it is scary I am determined to work full time within this field as soon as possible and have decided to take the next course in Sports massage.”


“Thank you so much for this past week, it has been challenging and uplifting throughout and your passion is infectious 🙂 Thank you from my heart for teaching me more than massage.”


“Thank you very much for your support and instruction during my massage training in 2009. You provided many positive experiences which I will always remember. ” Edward ‘Flip’ “I think we have a really good grounding with the massage you taught us.”

D. Reynolds

“I wanted to let you know how one of your students at least was getting on and, on my part, a genuine appreciation for what you have ingrained in us – high standards of excellence. I think you have set the bar.”

K Kang

“Thank you again for your great feedback and support – your words of constant praise and direction comfort me hugely, especially when I’m on my own treating clients.” 


“Just wanted to say a belated thank you for your tuition during the course. I am truly grateful for the solid and high standard of training we received. I am extremely grateful that my training with you, sets me apart as a highly professional and competent therapist.”


“I just wanted to say thank you for all your hard work in teaching me A & P and Holistic Massage. I have a new found love for the human body.” 

T. Daniels


“I just want to say a huge thank you for being such an inspirational and life-enriching teacher! You are fair and firm, kind and challenging and ever so knowledgeable. I am so grateful to have had the chance to come to your brilliant classes!” Your classes were a true sanctuary, a place of comfort and growth!”


We also just want to say that we truly enjoy your Yoga classes on Tuesdays and Sundays. Thank you for being very accommodating for my pregnant wife Yayoi. Maybe we should try to attend the early morning ones too! 
Anyway, thank you again and see you at the next Yoga class.

Yayoi and Yosuke Miura

“Would just like to say, thank you for your great knowledge help and understanding, without you, passing this course would have been very hard. I’m sure we will cross paths again soon, good luck to you and your daughter, once again, thank you for your great teaching ethic.”


“Thank you very much for your guidance and support. I have to admit that the course was more intense than I expected and I am thankful for all the skills and knowledge I was able to gain. Thank you for your  patience and help with all my homework.” 


“Caron, thank you so much for your help and support over the past few months! I really enjoyed the course and your knowledge and experience is unrivalled.” 


Yoga retreats

“And a big thank you too Caron for coming away with us, for sharing your knowledge and love of yoga with us twice a day. Thanks for your patience – understanding – and acceptance of us – for whatever we come to yoga to achieve – and effortlessly managing and adapting each day and class to our abilities.!”


“A big thank you from me as well to Caron and Denis and everyone who helped organise the holiday! Hopefully we can repeat something similar in the future :)”


“What a fabulous trip we had! Thanks so much Denis and Caron. Here’s to the next one…”


“And echoed by all of us too, from Ben, Issy, Geoff, Olive and myself. Thanks so much for a great trip!”


“Thank you for all of you hard work and patience on our trip. I had a really lovely time. Mykonos and the hotel were beautiful and it was a thoroughly restful couple of days.”


“Richard and I want to say thanks for all your efforts in preparing 5 days of wonderful yoga practice. It was very well balanced with the yin practice, learning the chants and we loved being by the sea for the beach walk meditation. Finishing on a high with the 108 sun salutations – we won’t be forgetting that in a hurry! I wasn’t sure mentally if I could see it through initially, just seeing all those stones to work through! However we both like a challenge so thrilled we managed to stick with it.”

Christina and Richard

“A big thank you to Caron, Denis and the team for a lovely break in beautiful Mykonos – a fabulous setting, great company and illuminating yoga. Oh, and a feast fit for Dionysus himself on the last night!”

“Thank you again Caron for a great yoga retreat!  Thanks very much from me too to Denis and his team for looking after us so well and for organising a fantastic last night party!  Thanks to you too for all your hard work and teaching (and for your excellent barbecuing skills). I had a really lovely time in beautiful Mykonos.”


“It was strange waking up this morning and not heading towards the beach for our early morning class.  We both thoroughly enjoyed the trip to Mykonos and thank you for all you did for us. Yoga was, of course, a big part and as always your classes were exceptional and it was good that we had the time to explore some aspects in more detail. But, in addition, your energy and enthusiasm extended far beyond this and it was great to do things that we have not done for a while. Most importantly, it was wonderful to spend time with you and get to know you a little better. The memories will stay with us for a very long time.”

Shailen and Panna


“Thank you for the treatment last night. You are a gifted healer! What an incredibly rich experience it was, energetically, physically and emotionally! A journey into the mineral world of bones I never knew existed, into the cave system of inner electrics and the deep seas of distant, long-forgotten memories!”