Weave Yoga into your life, with daily practice.

Yoga allows us to engage with our inner Self. We are able to access knowledge of ourselves, as the mind eases into its most peaceful state, each cell develops a new found pranic state of strength and flexibilty.

As each breath is breathed, positive energy and serenity fills the body and mind. Cleansing and detoxing, allowing the body to renew and reset into a healthier more conscious state of health and well being.

Regular practice allows for a greater awareness of the Self, allowing us to be more at ease with ourself and others.

The benefits of Yoga are immediate. Fatigue is forgotten, the mind becomes light and the body strong.

My practice follows the Krichnamacharya lineage, of Hatha Yoga. My principal teacher is Simon Low in the Yin Yang style of Yoga, which combines a more static, earth bound, lunar nuturing practice being the Yin aspect, as apposed to the Yang, dynamic, strong solar practice. Tuning into your body, heightening your awareness to what it needs, you are able to practic holistically.

Private one to ones and classes available.

If you would like to practice Yoga with me, please get in touch.